About Us

VeRaf Clothing was founded in 2010 by Verona Lynch, a Property Surveyor cum Fashion Designer based in London. As a tall woman of 6'2, Verona continues to face the challenges of finding suitable, fashionable and affordable clothing to fit her tall body. Growing up, Verona's mother hand tailored most of her clothing to accommodate her size and to keep within the family budget. Clothing for taller people always comes at a premium, until now.

As an enthusiastic career woman, Verona has directly faced this problem. After five years of hard work and research, she is now proud to bring you her very own stylish, yet affordable, clothesline: VeRaf Clothing.  

Our aim at VeRaf Clothing is to offer tall women a variety of stylish and casual garments without compromising quality, and to suit all budgets. 

We currently have a limited range of garments for sale, however, our clothing lines and stock levels will continue to grow over the coming months. You will gradually see a wide range of trans-seasonal wear at affordable prices.

Continue to visit our website or follow us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/VeRafclothingfortallwomen and twitter https://twitter.com/VeRafClothing for regular updates and new products. We rely on customer feedback to ensure that we bring you the best products at the right prices. Therefore, please feel free to submit any comments and/or suggestions.